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The P Word………….Michael Best

Youth workers are known for being fun and spontaneous.  The reason most of us started in youth ministry was because of our love and passion for teenagers.  Nearly all of us would rather hang out at Starbucks with students than sit in an office. But in the midst of all the busy day to day activity in ministry, when is the last time you really thought ahead?

Planning is not cutting edge.  Planning is often not fun.  Planning is not cool.  But planning is an important part of an effective youth ministry.  Assets 38 and 39 of the EYM study show that youth ministries need to use many approaches and be organized well.  These two assets demand planning.

What if instead of thinking about what to teach this weekend or this summer, you planned a four to six year strategy of teaching?  What if instead of going to the beach with some students you planned several strategic service opportunities for them?  What if your planning was based on the characteristics of maturing Chrisitan faith?

We need more than a passion for students to grow in Christ, we need a plan that will give them opportunities to grow.
So what about you?  Where are you in your planning of teaching topics, of missions opportunities, of creative events?

Michael Best is a first time EYM Blogger.   Welcome Michael!   He has been serving in youth ministry for over three years. He lives and ministers in Chicago, IL.