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Adult Youth Workers in the Exemplary Congregations

Today’s we’re sharing some of the Exemplary Youth Ministry Study results.  You can find all of the original study documents at

The commitment of the adult youth workers in these congregations is noted by pastors in their responses to the open-ended questions and in what the adult workers report about themselves. Their answers to items on the survey evidence:

  • A Centrality of Faith
  • Sense of Social Responsibility

that are well above average. These are adult Christians for whom faith is a compass for the attitudes and decisions of their lives; the beliefs and values behind these attitudes and decisions result in active regard for their “neighbor.”

With respect to the effectiveness of the youth and family ministries in their congregations, these greatly involved congregational adults reflect enthusiastic opinions. Three measures that reflect what their congregation is doing draw scores that rank well above previous national samples of adult youth workers:

  • Effectiveness of Parental Education
  • Training of Adult Youth Workers, and
  • Youth Ministry Characteristics.

These adult youth workers are especially pleased with their congregation’s “culture” as reflected in the following dimensions of their church’s life and ministry:

  • Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Pastor’s Support of Christian Education and Youth Ministry
  • Congregation Makes Me Think
  • Importance of This church to Me
  • Congregation’s Social Interaction

Clearly, those persons closest to young people in these exemplary congregations have high regard for what is being done in their congregations not only in the lives of youth, but in their lives and the lives of other adults as well.