Investment……………………………Anita Smallin

Investment: It’s not just for 401Ks anymore

As an experiment, I just asked the Wednesday morning Bible Study a question: What does the word investment mean to you?  The whole group answered “money.”

Investment: According to, there are 11 definitions of the word investment. It’s not just about writing a check.  Other definitions involve committing to an office or a position or involve how time is spent.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about investment… financial investment AND personal investment.

We invest in portfolios, stocks and bonds…but what about investing in people or the life of the church?  What does it mean to invest in a person?  What would it mean to invest in the staff of the congregation?   What does it mean to invest in the life of a youth?

When I read through the Faith Assets, I keep going back to “investment.”  Participating in relationships, caring for another, participating in training?  Investment is all over the ministries of these Exemplary congregations.  It takes time and energy, and in some cases, money.   Going to church, staying in our bubble and going home is easy. Investing in the community?  There’s the challenge.  Being a member of church isn’t always easy.  It takes time, money and energy.  It takes investment.  We take a risk, and we know that there is a “return on investment.”

Where do we invest our time?  Where do we invest our talents?  How is our investment like the parables of the talents?

Anita Smallin just accepted the position of Program Director at Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp (!  She starts in June.   Also, she is in the final throws of training for her first 5K.  Go Anita.

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