Innovations in Faith Assets……………………….Tim Coltvet

Results from the EYM Study identify five significant faith assets named Family Involvement Assets.

  • Asset 40 – Possess Strong Parental Faith
  • Asset 41 – Promotes Family Faith Practices
  • Asset 42 -Reflects Family Harmony
  • Asset 43 – Equips Parents
  • Asset 44 Fosters Parent-Youth Relationships

So what might these look like on the ground? A Roman Catholic church in the Twin Cities has an online lesson plan database that is user friendly for families that choose to embrace faith formation in their home.  It is an interesting “both/and” system that they have created.  Many do Sunday School, while others’ choose to take it on in their own homes. (Asset 41) A Lutheran church in Fargo, North Dakota has an honor the promise ministry that calls parents back to the baptismal promises they have made on a regular basis throughout the child’s first third of life (Asset 41).  A Missionary Church in Ventura, California has transformed a room in their church into an “equipping center” which regularly invites parents in to train them up in basic Christian practices of prayer, bible reading, and making faith a way of life (Asset 43).  A Covenant church in Rochester, Minnesota has a high school ministry that thrives through its leadership of parents hosting the senior high students in their homes for weekly ministries (Asset 44).

This is just scratching the surface!  The question is, what are your congregational strengths regarding household faith, and how can you continue to build on the assets you have?  Take a look around, and begin the work of strengthening the church by strengthening the households around you!

Rev. Tim Coltvet starting cutting his teeth in youth ministry about fifteen years ago.  He currently coordinates contextual learning and coaching at Luther Seminary’s Center for Children Youth, and Family Ministry.

    • Jerry Watts
    • February 23rd, 2010

    great practical on the ground ideas thanks Tim! Would it be possible to link to those congregation’s websites to learn more from their creative applications?? thanks again!

      • Tim Coltvet
      • February 25th, 2010

      I will do that. I’m also in conversation with other networks that are trying to identify congregations doing this in various regions throughout the U.S. and beyond…stay tuned!

    • Stephanie Pasch
    • February 25th, 2010

    Our church is grappling with strengthening the home-faith connections. I’m interested in connecting with the church in the cities that has online support for their families… can you give me the name of the church you mentioned?

      • Tim Coltvet
      • February 25th, 2010

      Hey Stephanie, I’m speaking with their director on the phone today and will get you connected to her. I don’t know if “online support” captures what they’re up to – as much as providing a curric. database that allows families to take the driver’s seat in teaching/faith formation in the home.

      In an age where Sunday School models “live or die” on the good will of a few (often overworked)volunteers…this may be one way to re-engage the household as the primary arena for faith formation. It’s going to take some rethinking though. Compelling stuff!

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