Leadership Insights: EYM Style…………………………..Nancy Lee Gauche

Recently, I was asked, “If you were to go back and lead youth ministry, knowing what you know now what would you do AGAIN?” I had quite a few things on my list, thank God, and here are a couple of them that directly relate to the Exemplary Youth Ministry Study results:

So, if I were to lead a youth ministry again I would still:

  • Encourage students with opportunities to express themselves and their love for God.  The connection between spirituality and the arts continues to create avenues for expressing faith.  I would continue to give space and opportunity for all kinds of artistic expression for young people and their families.  One of the EYM Youth Ministry assets talks about “Uses Many Approaches” and I encourage you to think creatively about focusing on young people and the arts across your ministry.
  • Pray more and develop a team of people to pray with. Since my days in Young Life, I have always had a group of people who prayed with me for young people and their families. When I became a pastor, one of the most difficult disciplines to keep on my plate was prayer for students and their families. But I did it!  I would never do it alone– I always found 3 or 4 people who would join me. The EYM study points to multiple adults in the lives of kids, and some of them need to be focused on prayer with you.

Nancy Lee Gauche worked in Children, Youth & Family ministry for 25 years.  Today, she is program associate for the Center for Children Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary in St Paul, MN.

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