Exemplary Youth Ministry Wants You….

Because you are already doing it.

Many of you already know the findings of the Exemplary Youth Ministry Study.  You know about the 44 Faith Assets that were developed to share those findings.  Some of you have been using the assets to help assess your ministry.  You know that you’ve already got assets.  You are figuring out how to build on them, and develop more.

We started this blog not just to throw the EYM findings in front of you every day, but to give voice to you.  The practitioner.  The congregation.  This blog is the platform for the person who works with young people, and wants to aim youth ministry at a different target– characteristics of mature Christian faith in students.  This blog allows the church to learn from you.

This week begins the opportunity for your voice to share the EYM story.  We want the youth ministry world to hear from you about what you’ve discovered about moving to an integrated youth ministry.  We want to hear about how youth ministry has become “who we are.”   We want to hear the joys and the struggles of YOUR exemplary youth ministry journey.

Email us at eym@luthersem.edu and I’ll get you lined up to be one of bloggers.  You can do it just once, or keep putting your ideas and experiences out there over time.

Show us your exemplary colors.

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