Welcome to the EXEMPLARY YOUTH MINISTRY Conversation

From 2002-2004 leaders from seven different denominations gathered to find out what they could learn about EFFECTIVE youth ministry. So they found churches whose young people scored higher on measures of Christian Maturity. It was called the Exemplary Youth Ministry Study, and was funded by the Lily Foundation.
They surveyed youth, adults, parents, and leaders in 131 congregations.
They complied the results from over 7500 surveys
They chose 21 of those churches–small, medium and large churches from across the country for site visits.
They wrote up and wondered at what they saw and heard.
They developed 44 Faith Assets based on their results.
You already innately know some of their findings. Things like effective youth ministries are grown in effective churches.
And some of their findings have recently become hot topics in youth ministry conversation across the church…like the realization that congregations who integrate youth into the life of the larger congregation instead of isolating teens tend to develop more committed Christian youth.
Some of the findings are crying to be explored and applied further. That’s the purpose of this blog and facebook page.
Critical for this conversation is that their findings weren’t just about specific churches at a specific time who are exemplary while we’re not.
The EYM findings allow churches of all sizes, shapes and stripes to claim their committed and not-yet-so committed youth as the focus of their own EXEMPLARY Youth Ministry. We invite you to explore what those findings look like in YOUR ministry.
Welcome to the conversation.
Dr. Nancy Going is a 20 some year veteran of congregational youth ministry. She coordinates the Distributed (distance) Children Youth and Family Masters Degree Program at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. She did her PhD research by interviewing adolescents from some of the Exemplar congregations.

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